"If    I    march    will    you    march,    if    I    fight    will    you    fight.    If    I    shout    for    what's    right,    will    you    stand    by    my    side"-Schleprock

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That quote is pretty much why AHO started. We, Maggie,Meredith, and myself, Rew, were in the "punk" chat room on AOL. Someone asked about some anti-racism page and one of us, I don't remember which, put out there that they wanted to start an Anti-Racism page and asked if anyone wanted to join them. It turned out that us three moved into a private room and began planning what you see today. We're pretty much just a few young punks trying to do what we can to stop the hate. The page is still very much under construction and we hope that you will help us out in any way you can, by submitting articles, helping us put out an online 'zine, etc. So e-mail us if you want to help and thanx again.


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