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Challenging   the   Mainstream

NOTE: This essay was not written with the hopes that people would read it and then immeadiately accept and assimilate my beliefs, ideas, or point of view. It was written, however, with the hopes that at least some people would read it and perhaps think about the topic and then maybe, just maybe have a little bit less prejudiced view of homosexuals.

A long long long long time ago, Mr. Leipheimer (a teacher at my school) gave a powerful "sermon" about homophobia, sexism, and other things that I canít remember now, that in my opinion, the school needed to hear. Not just in our school, but also throughout the world, homophobia runs rampant like the Bubonic Plague once did. However, before I go any further, I would like to define homphobia so that some might be able to have a better understanding of this powerful form of hatred. Homophobia is the irrational fear of feelings of love for oneís own sex and fear and sometimes hatred of and for others that have these feelings.

When I think about it, I cannot comprehend what people think is so bad or what they fear about homosexuals. Many different people have many different reasons for disliking and even hating homosexuals, some of which are as if not more perplexing than my Algebra II class. Some people use homphobic slurs like "fag", "homo", "fruity", and an assortment of others to become accepted into the social mainstream because they feel that using those slur names is cool. First off, you donít need societyís acceptance, "Youíre better off doing your own thing!", but more on that later. Second, I become even more confused because I cannot feasibly see how any human or non-human animal could think that hating is cool.

Others are afraid because they are very worried that a homosexual will come on to them or even attempt to rape them. This belief is caused by the popular myth that all homosexuals do is have sex, nonstop. This could be no more further from the truth. The only difference between a homosexual and a heterosexual is sexual orientation, there is no noticeable difference in homosexualsí sex drive. Also being worried that any gay person will be attracted to you just because you are a male or a female is purely egotistical and arrogant, another thing Mr. Leipheimer addressed somewhat (full props to Leipy).

Then some others are uncomfortable around homosexuals because a gay or lesbian person has come on to them, and this fear too, is irrational. Would you be forever uncomfortable around straight people if someone of the opposite sex made sexual advances toward you? I donít think so. Think about that.

Most all of the people who suffer from homophobia (NOTE: it actually is a doctor certified mental condition) do so because society tells them to and they donít have the ability to function without societyís guiding light, and not because they think homosexuality is actually wrong.

So basically, what Iíd really like people to start doing is thinking for themselves and stop being manipulated by others and society. THINK FOR YOURSELVES FOR A CHANGE! Do what you know is morally, ethically right: "Do the right thing!" Thank you to anyone, anywhere, doing anything constructive to make this hate-filled world a better and more equal place.

P.S. I welcome all (positive and negative) feedback. I appreciate all comments and ideas from all and would like to hear everybodyís opinion and justification. I am hoping and planning to write more critical essays about the world and society in general and would like to hear your thoughts and ideas. Perhaps some of you revolutionaries out there would like to contribute your thoughts and opinions to future essays; please do. Thanks.

By Sam Walker

NOTE: Sam would like to thank Propagandhi for "introducing me to the concepts of social justice and for not getting mad at me (yet) for stealing a line from their article 'Silence=Death.' Extra note, find the line I "stole" from their article and mail it to me, you might win a special prize."

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