Fuck   Nuclear   Weapons

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They say that they want to make a better future for us... but they keep secretly
having nuclear arms races, competing against other countries' weapons
stocks, like two men with penis envy trying to prove whose dick is bigger. They
dare to call this a future? Is this what kids have to look forward to? Maybe this is
why the youth seems so apathetic. Maybe this is why kids are turning into
junkies: look what's ahead if nothing is done. All of our hopes, dreams,
accomplishments and goals will all be vaporized in a nuclear blast if nothing is
done. This is no way to live. This is no future. It's a bit excessive to have enough
TNT to blow up the world 4 times over, don't you think? They have enough TNT
to supply every man, woman, and child with 5 tons of TNT. Is this what we
need? No. It's what army generals with insecurity about their small penises
need to make themselves feel big and important need. We have enough shit
messing up the world right now, racial tension, homophobia, pollution, the list
goes on and on... and now if a war breaks out we're all gonna die! Where do the
troubles end? They end when that big blast goes off and civilization turns to
dust. Destruction on a catastrophic level with devastating aftermaths. This is not
what we want. This is not what we need. This is not a future. Think about it.

by Jeremy Cato

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