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I think what you are doing is so terribly important, but we can't just
say "Fuck the Nazis" and forget about it. I'm very happy that this
organization realizes it. Hate is like cancer. . . some forms are deadly and
some aren't. . . .but if detected early it can be stopped. Okay, so it
was a bad analogy, but I think it gets my point across.
What we need to do is make hate easy to recognize and unacceptable, but
we can't hate hate, it will never end that way. We must end hate with
love, and I'm not really sure I want to advocate hugging skinheads, but
anything that might work must be tried.

What I mean by ending hate with love is holding that all people are equal,
not created equal under some goverment document, but really equal and all
human. Dehumanization is a vice of hate mongers, and I'm not into adopting
the vices that I'm trying to destroy.

I also think that everyone should have at least basic human respect, this
like hate and love, should be blind. We should respect others no matter what
their views are. . .even if they come into sharp conflict with our own.

Communication should be stressed too. We need to figure out what is going
on in the minds of others, don't just think it is ignorance. We must
remember that everyone has beliefs that they hold sacred, and if these
beliefs harm others we must show them that these beliefs do harm people.
But this will never be achieved by telling someone that they are wrong. We
must show them they are wrong, and do it in such a way that we don't
adopt any of their vices, and must do this all in the name of love,
peace and understanding, because this in my world too and I want it
to be beautiful again

By Leslie Inman

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