Our   Goal:   For   You   to   Help   Stop   The   Hate

Our entire nation is being engulfed by hate. Whether you believe that it effects you or not...it definitely does. WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. Now, i will be the first to admit, we've come a long way. But many, MANY people still incorperate hate into their everyday lives. People still discriminate against others for the mere dis-like of our differences. People still lack comfort in putting power into the hands of the poor, the minority, etc. ALL THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE. I believe this starts with us...the open-minded ones...what i'm asking of you is to take this personally! work to make a difference! do anything you can do to open up the public. Go out and join the anti-discrimination group near you. if there isn't one, begin your own! YOU have the power to make things better. we'll even help you out :) BE A PART OF THE MOVEMENT! just always keep in mind...you CAN help, you CAN make a difference....


The goal of A.H.O is to provide a place for people to:
A)learn about hate through other peoples experiences which will be posted
B)vent your feelings about hate by writing articles or writing for our 'zine
C)be able to talk openly about hate and learn about what makes us all different and special
D)help each other and let us help you get involved in the fight against hate

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