Get   Involved   With   Us   And   Help   Stop   The   Hate

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Glad you're interested in getting involved. We at A.H.O need YOUR help to do what we, and you, can to get rid of hate. Here's a list of things you can do to help us out:

1)Submit an article for people to read on the web page
2)Help us out with the 'zine by writing an article about pretty much anything each month
3)Draw a picture or submit a photograph for the web page or the 'zine
4)Put a link to our page on your page
5)Sign our guestbook and put down your feelings
6)Go to our chat room with your friends and discuss issues
7)Help us with this homepage by giving us advice
8)Help get the word out about us in your area by talking about us, handing out info, etc.

If none of these seem appealing to you we would be glad to help you start your own Anti-Hate group or direct you to one in your area. Simply check the contact page and e-mail one of us and tell us what you need, we're glad to help you. Thanx for being interested in helping us out.

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