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Pictures, paintings, art in general are a great way to help show how you feel about hate. If you have any anti-hate art PLEASE send it to us. We have many uses for your creativity.

1)Pictures and the like can be posted here (you will be credited if you want)
2)Pictures etc. can be used for our 'zine
3)We may also want to use your pictures etc. to make t-shirts, flyers, posters etc.

So please....if you have any anti-hate art or want to make any...keep in mind that we'll display it and give you the credit you deserve for sticking up for how you feel.
If you have pictures to send us please click here

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Here are the pictures. Sorry to anyone we may have stolen these from. It's all in the name of the cause. If you did one of these pics and want credit for it, send us an e-mail at telling us what pic, your name, contact info, etc. and we'll make sure you get credit for it. Thanx and enjoy.